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Working With Garden Accents

When you're ready to add garden accents always keep in mind that beauty is in the eye of the beholder because unless your ultimate goal is to enter your garden into some kind of competition, why not choose the items that you enjoy the most. You can also look for enviroblocks if you want to know more about landscape edging.

Adding pieces to accent your garden doesn't have to cost a fortune either. Simple items like larger rocks and driftwood are a good start to get the look you're after and you can get them for free if you head up the lake and look around. Even the right looking fallen tree branch can be a garden enhancement.

Start With Mulch

Mulch is always an important item since it serves not only to beautify your garden but also has helped hold in the moisture and keep the weed growth down.

Natural mulches are generally considered best to use in that they decay, adding to the richness of your soil and they promote increased worm activity, which is always a good thing.

Also using mulch is GREEN because it decomposes and will help control soil erosion. Surprisingly enough, there are some mulches that you can get for free with just a little effort. Grass clippings for one or ground-up leaves work great and are usually items you bag up and dump.

Some people even use pine needles although it is said that they can acidify your soil. Most people though prefer the look of the organic mulches that you purchase.