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Why personalize your landing page?

Personalizing web content is something all website owners should be doing. Personalizing your landing page is no exception. If a user lands on your landing page they want to see information tailored to them. After all, you want to convert the visitor into a prospect and then convert that prospect into a customer right? 

 A well-written landing page is just as important to your company's success as a high search ranking. To put it another way: a high conversion rate on a landing page has the exact same effect as a high ranking site for search. This is one of the reasons that a Creative Landing Pages has become so uber-popular. You see, these types of pages make all the difference in getting visitors to take action. Every word and image you include on your personalized landing pages matters because they are all geared towards increasing conversions.

5 Reasons Why Personalized Landing Pages Work

 Landing pages are the most important part of your marketing campaign. They’re where you convert visitors into leads and leads into customers. If a landing page doesn’t perform well, then it’s time for a redesign.

Landing pages have been around for years, but due to changes in technology, they’re getting more and more powerful every year. Here are five reasons why personalized landing pages work better than ever:

1. Personalized Landing Pages Drive Conversions

It may sound obvious, but the main reason why personalized landing pages work is that they are tailored specifically to each visitor. Personalized email subject lines and content have been proven to boost open rates by as much as 9%, so why wouldn’t we apply similar techniques to our landing pages? When someone visits your website, they should be presented with a page that speaks directly to them — not just an average customer.

2. Personalization helps you attract the right customers.

Customers are people, not numbers, and they respond better to messages that are personalized to their needs and interests. An effective landing page will allow you to collect information about each visitor and then display content that is customized for them. This can include information about their purchase history, demographics and even personal interests.

3. Personalization helps you sell more products.

The best way to sell a product is by showing visitors what they want most from their experience on your website. In order for this to happen, you need to know what kind of customer visits your site and what they want when they get there. A personalized landing page allows you to display relevant offers based on the customer's preferences or previous purchases so that he or she sees only what he or she wants at that moment in time — and nothing else.

4. You can tailor content for each visitor 

A customized landing page allows you to tailor your message based on the interests of each visitor. This can be done in a number of different ways including using targeted keywords in your copy, images or video clips. These allow users with similar interests to find your site easily and get the information they want.

5. Personalized landing pages allow you to create a more compelling offer.

The more relevant your offer is to the visitor, the better. For example, if a visitor has been searching for car insurance quotes on Google, it’s likely that they have some interest in buying insurance. If you can show them an offer related to that search query, they will be much more likely to convert than if you were to show them an unrelated product or service.