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Why Do You Need To Buy Catalytic Heaters?

The gas catalytic heater can be designed to warm pipelines and gas control valves to stop freezing.


Catalytic gas heaters use propane or natural gas to convert the energy into flameless heat. When the catalyst pad is reached at 250 deg F, the gas triggers a chemical reaction which raises the temperature to between 600 and 800 degrees Fahrenheit. To get instant heat, you can also buy catalytic heaters via

Because temperature is lower than the 1200°F temperature at which natural gas ignites and produces non-flammable heat that is safe to be utilized in places where dangerous vapors might be present.

A person can direct the radiant heat to the pipeline or control valve, or on the areas that are likely to be frozen.

How does freezing Occur?

The Joule Thomson effect (or JT Effect) states that when you decrease the gas pressure across the valve or regulator, it will decrease its temperature. In reality for each 100 PSI decrease in pressure, the gas suffers seven degrees (F) decrease in temperature.

As an example, suppose you want to reduce the gas pressure of your vehicle by 150 psi from 350 through the pressure-reducing regulator. The temperature of the gas will decrease by 14 degrees as it flows across the regulator.

Every gas has a certain amount of moisture. This means that if temperatures of gas lines fall below 32°F, the possibility of freezing quickly becomes a problem. Blockages caused by frozen valves can be quite severe and result in an extended period of production interruption (and consequently, frustration). 

While freezing temperatures can be a problem the gas pipelines and valves could freeze at any time of the year.