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Why and How to Use Air Supplied Respirator

Craftsmen and workers must do all kinds of work in their profession. Sometimes they work hard on a big project at worksites and sometimes they fix their favorite green sea drill with spare parts Makita. But there are some jobs that are much more dangerous and require the use of protective equipment such as supplied-air respirators.

Use air supplied respirator face mask when working in places

  • With oxygen concentration below 18%, or
  • The toxic gas concentration of 2% (3% for ammonia) or more

Type and Scope of Use

Blower types – Structure in which fresh air is supplied to the compartment face using an electric blower or manual. Compartment air is supplied to the face to ensure that the wearer can breathe using lungs suction capability itself when the blower does not work in case of failure.

Airline mask

Kind of a constant flow –. The flow controller that controls air volume and filtration device that filters dust and oil mist in compressed air required.

Type of request and the type of pressure-demand – It has the same structure as the constant flow type, which means that it is equipped with a supply valve and air equipment compartment to the face by the breathing of the wearer.

Provide air respirators to the workers when performing activities in a place that is isolated, has a wide extent, and is far from the source. The functionality of respirators should be inspected before work.