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What To Learn About Mining Communications

The modern mining industry is a highly-tech venture in extremely hostile environments. The safe and efficient operation of mines requires the precise coordination of some of the world's biggest, most expensive equipment in environments that are characterized by extreme temperatures, as well as extreme vibration and shock.

Wireless mining communications networks transmit data, voice, and video, as well as other applications that are vital to safe and effective mining operations. The network is usually comprised of mobile and fixed nodes. You can hop over to to get mine site communications services online.

 A single mining communications network can accommodate a variety of applications like:

The management of the fleet: Continuously optimize mine operations with the assignment of work orders in real-time and vehicle positioning/guidance to maximize efficiency and capital utilization. Fleet management systems require reliable high performance, high-performance, and mobile networks that are flexible to ensure that the mine is running.

Monitoring live telemetry for mobile equipment: Improves the uptime of equipment, increases operational efficiency and reduces expenses, as well as security of heavy-duty mining equipment with mission-critical requirements. 

Field communications in mobile mode: allows communication and data exchange between mine workers as well as staff in processing and operations control plant, increasing operational efficiency and productivity.

Mining Management Software (MMS) Remote analysis programs that are used to make operational decisions that improve the efficiency of mining and profit.