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What Is Safe And Its Core Values

SAFe encourages alignment with collaboration and the delivery of services across large numbers of teams that are agile. It was developed around three main bodies of information that include agile software development and lean product development and systems thinking.

As companies expand to the point of being too big, SAFe training equips you with the skill to clearly communicate your strategy at the program and portfolio levels.

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Core Values

The core values of SAFe define the type of culture leaders have to promote and how people must behave in that society to successfully utilize the framework.


SAFe demands that businesses implement reflection and planning cadences throughout the company. Once these are in place, everyone is aware of the situation of the business as well as the objectives, and the best way to work towards achieving these objectives.

Built-in quality

The SAFe framework states that agility should not be at the expense of quality. SAFe requires teams from every level to establish exactly what "done" refers to for each project or task and incorporate the best practices for development into all working agreements.

Execution of the program

Program execution is the primary function of SAFe and drives everything else that is part of the framework. Programs and teams must be able to deliver high-quality functioning software and business worth on a regular basis.


SAFe demands lean-agile leadership since only leaders can alter their system, and establish the conditions that are needed to promote all the values that are fundamental to the organization.