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Ways To Maximize Your Cryostar Results!

If your body is performing at its peak, you will see the best results from your Cryostar treatments. After a Cryostar treatment, your body’s lymphatic system is flushed with broken down fat cells. 

These are treated like any toxins and the body works to release them via different avenues such as sweat, urine, and breath. Here are 2 ways you can get the most from your cryotherapy slimming Treatment:


Your body repairs and heals itself when you are sleeping. Scientific studies have shown repeatedly that getting a good 7/8 hours sleep a night has massive impacts on your health, both mental and physical. 

Sleep allows your body to support the lymphatic process of removing toxins and breaking down fat cells from your body. One effect of not getting enough sleep is on your hormones, specifically the ones that control how hungry you feel. 

We encourage supporting your treatments with healthy eating following Cryostar treatments to positively impact your results.

Cut the processed food

We don’t suggest going cold turkey on your favorite afternoon snack or Friday night takeaways. Try crowding out the bad foods instead. One way you can do this is to think of all the food you like that is good for you, or maybe even some you don’t love but can tolerate, and find ways to incorporate that into your meals to boost the nutritional value of what you already eat each day. 

Could you add a teaspoon of chia or flax seeds to your porridge or morning smoothie? Mix some spinach or extra peas in with your homemade curry? Or pick green veg that you like and eat it as a starter before dinner. 

The more you can add nutritional food to your normal day-to-day life you’ll start to crowd out the processed food and find yourself craving the carbs slightly less.