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Using Blended Natural Oils For Hair Care

There are a wide variety of natural oils that can be used to condition dark hair, from the more popular coconut, avocado, and olive oils to the more unusual and less popular spot, moringa, and manchette oils. Each has its own unique properties and is very flexible in its use.

Here are some ideas for using natural oils as part of your hair care routine:

Pre-Shampoo – Lubricate your hair before shampooing, this helps fight the hair and scalp oil removal during shampooing and also helps soften the feel of the hair. 

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Scalp Oil – this is especially useful for those with dry, itchy, or inflamed conditions. Just apply a small amount of your oil to the scalp and massage gently

Herbal Oils – This process involves infusing the herbs into the oil of your choice and then applying the finished product to the hair and scalp. Herbs can be selected depending on the desired result, for example, to promote hair growth or increase strength

Moisture Lock – Applying a thin layer of oil seal in moisture (use a moisturizer first) on your hair, which people with dark hair often need to do on a regular basis

In addition to shampoo, deep conditioner, hair mask, henna, or indigo color treatment, adding a little oil will help increase the smoothness of the product and counteract the effects of other hair-drying ingredients, such as Henna or sulfate-based shampoos.