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Tips to Avoid Bursting of Frozen Pipes

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During the winter, it is common to see water lines getting frozen. This common sight becomes a problem when homeowners do nothing to get this problem sorted. This leads to forcing the homeowner to spend more on getting it repaired. Therefore, it is important to consider doing a few sets of things to get this problem sorted as soon as possible.

  1. Get your House Insulated – To save your pipes from freezing, you should consider getting the attic, garage, and crawlspaces of your house to be insulated. This gives you the edge before any problem arrives.
  2. Keep the Garage Door Closed –If your house comes with a vehicle garage, try to keep the door closed at all times to avoid entry of cold air to come inside the house.
  3. Keep the Cabinet Door Open – During the winter, try to keep the door of your cabinet to be open. This allows warm air is flowing continuously inside the home. Also, the water from the sink should be allowed to dip to escape from any form of freezing.
  4. Keep the Temperature of the Thermostat above 55 Degrees – This isn’t necessary if you going to stay indoors. However, if you are going to be away from the house, then make sure you keep the temperature of the thermostat is above 55 degrees to prevent any form of damage.
  5. Get Professional Help – Freezing of pipes and other problems are dealt with by professional plumbers. If you require one, then consider going online and typing on Google ‘Coffs Harbour plumbers near me’ for better search results.