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Tips on Pallet Racking In Perth

Proper shelving is critical to the efficiency and safety of any operation. What should be considered when choosing the right shelf design? If you are involved, take the time to study and follow pallet racking tips.

An important tip to keep in mind when it comes to pallet storage racking is to consider the load. What are you planning to keep?

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This has to do with whether you choose to:

  • Lightweight rack 
  • Medium duty pallet rack 
  • Heavy-duty pallet racks 

There are many types of pallet rack systems to keep in mind:

  • Load/Capacity: As mentioned earlier, choose the rack based on what you want to store – a light load for light load/load, a heavy load for heavier load/load, etc.
  • Standard system: simple pallet rack
  • Drive-in system: also known as drive-through, high-density storage; can increase pallet storage and maximize space by eliminating aisles
  • Infeed system: helps store more in less space by increasing storage system density, maximizing storage space and increasing pallet count
  • Carton flow system: designed to accept high volume orders with reduced operator activity; used for order accuracy; common in conveyor system
  • Gravity flow system: created by rollers and uses gravity to "convey" the pallet into position; Some are designed to accommodate up to 20 pallets deep in the storage line
  • Cantilever system: common in steel mills and lumber mills; aka "furniture shelves"; ideal for storing long, continuous items
  • Floor System: Take advantage of existing square footage and above-ground space to maximize storage space.