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The Importance Of Cancer Screening

The Cancer Society recommends that even asymptomatic people see a doctor for cancer screening. Early discovery is one of the best defenses we can take covering cancer.

If the patient already has symptoms, usually cancer has grown (metastasized). This complicates curing with the treatments currently offered. To get more details about cancer screening in Kenya, you may visit

cancer screening

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Both surgery and radiation are topical treatments. This means that they focus on a specific area of the body rather than causing damage to tumor cells that have "detached" from the original tumor and spread to a remote location.

Even some of the newer treatments in clinical trials won't help cancer that has spread. Some of these new drugs are designed to prevent tumors from growing large enough to invade and spread to other tissues.

If the tumor has spread, this new drug will be of little use to the patient. Chemotherapy drugs and of course future "miracle cures" offer the best hope for metastatic tumors.

When a "magic bullet" type of drug is developed in the future, administering it at an early stage versus a later one would always be more beneficial to a patient.

For this reason, cancer research efforts are broken down not only into new treatments but also into prevention and early detection. Several screening methods are being used, and much more is expected in the future.