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The Best CBD Gummies for Sleep in 2020

The best CBD gummies for sleep are full-spectrum CBD that ranges from 20 to 30 mg per dose. According to many of the top specialists who've been using CBD in various forms for a long time in clinical settings, this is the best starting dose for sleep. Forums and social media conversations parrot these experts.

Many of these specialists have also stated that CBD works better with THC, even if it is less than .3 mg or less. This was through observation of thousands of patients who've used CBD under their direction.

So let me give you a breakdown of the order of quality when it comes to CBD.

The highest quality will be from a medical marijuana grade cannabis plant that produces a lot of resin and a high CBD and low THC ratio. Based on reports from top specialists, most agree that too much THC can make it harder to go to sleep for some.

This is where hemp steps in.

CBD is quality if sourced from premium, organic farms from within the US and with verifiable testing proof from a 3rd party. As stated earlier, low THC and high CBD equals a great night's sleep based on expert quotes and from the general public.

Make sure you are not buying hemp seed oil. Even though merchants can claim it has ample CBD in it, it doesn't. It has enough to qualify them to advertise it as containing CBD, but the results will be lackluster at best.

Note:  Resin grows on the buds and leaves, but much less on the stems, and none in the seeds.

You can tell the difference from them by the words they use. the lower quality hemp seed and stem oil will be listed as cannabis Sativa seed oil. CBD will be cannabidiol, hemp oil, full-spectrum hemp, or PCR hemp extract.

Quality CBD gummies come from quality merchants and vendors who care about their clients. Companies like KoalityMedicinals provide the best CBD gummies for sleep because it's a quality product made from full spectrum CBD instead of low to no dose CBD from seeds and stems.

The price is a bit higher, but so is a full-spectrum CBD dose from a quality vendor that has much greater odds of helping you get to sleep, but stay that way. Never buy from a vendor who will not provide 3rd party lab results.