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The Basic Causes of Migraines

Migraines affect approximately one billion people around the world. The condition is more prevalent in women than it is in men. Migraines can be very disruptive in the lives and health of those suffering from them. Even with modern medical technology, migraines are still not well understood, treated, or diagnosed. Moreover, people pay no heed to headaches which could easily be a migraine, often ignoring the pain and assuming that it is just a temporary headache that will eventually take care of itself.

What is a migraine?

The migraine attack causes the temporal artery, which is located under the skin of forehead and outside the skull to expand. This expansion of the temporal arterial causes nerves to stretch and stress, causing them to release chemicals. These chemicals cause pain and inflammation. They may also cause the artery expand further, which can increase the pain. There are many factors that can cause migraine headaches and a 'migraine trigger' is the main reason which will stimulate a headache in a person who is prone to whichever trigger that may be. 

Most people affected by migraines are generally unable to identify the reasons for a migraine, but there are many triggers that may lead to migraines – such as excessive stress, cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption, poor quality sleep, skipping meals, flickering or bright lights, eating chocolates and caffeine consumption.