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Sugaring – A Gentler Alternative To Waxing

Sugaring is a hair removal method that is similar in many ways to a wax mask, applying a sticky paste of sugar, starch, or similar substance to the body and then pulling it, removing the hair, but sugar has several different functions that make waxing a gentler alternative for sensitive skin. You can also browse to know more about sugaring.

Sugaring can be done in two ways, either with a mixture of sugar, lemon juice, or water. The sugar solution can be made at home with simple ingredients or purchased in a pre-mixed container (mixed solutions usually also contain guar gum). Either composition will be effective, although commercial versions of guar gum may have a slight increase in adhesion and "stickiness" to hair.

Sugar can be rubbed in a thick layer on the hair to be removed and a piece of cloth or thick paper placed on top. It is then expelled, pulling the sugar and hair trapped in it away from the body in one swift motion. 

It's a little painful, but less of a wax mask as the sugar sticks to the hair but not the skin while the wax sticks to both. Since the paste is made up of all water-soluble ingredients, extra paste cleaning is easier than extra wax and residue can be quickly rinsed off with warm water and soapy stains.

Another way to make sugar is to roll a ball of sugar paste, which is thick and will hold its shape if mixed properly, and then roll it in small areas of the body. It is then removed rapidly – preferably in one motion – in the direction of hair growth, not against the "grain" of hair, as is customary with the wax mask and sugar technique described above.