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Sommelier-Guided Wine Tastings

In recent years, many meeting planners have noticed an increase in demand from their corporate clients for a wine tasting experience led by a certified sommelier. The following five factors can explain this trend and its possible continuation in the future.

1. Sommelier wine courses  are fun, educational and highly interactive. Business leaders looking for exciting events for their teams find that a well-designed wine tasting can achieve all of their goals. The most popular wine tasting experiences are wine flights paired with multi-course dinners; reception with tasting station. 

Team-building exercises are like a blind tasting competition in which teams, guided by a sommelier, identify 10 major grape varieties or regions; and workshops on wine essence and wine etiquette for customer service representatives.

2. Professionals working with clients benefit from a specialized study of wine. Managers often admit that they feel intimidated when choosing from dozens of bottles on a restaurant's wine list in front of an important client. Expert advice that breaks conflicting rules and inspires confidence during important dinner gatherings is a value that entertaining clients are eager to take home.

3. Wine is the intersection of art, culture, geography, travel and history. Tasting fine wines does more than describe the aromatic variations of different types of fermented grape juice. The history of wine covers so many of the world's most interesting subjects that it serves as a means of communication between people with very different interests. This (and maybe a bit of alcohol) might be the secret to building more enjoyable relationships and corporate retreats overall.

4. America's wine horizon is expanding, just as they had hoped. But why a certified sommelier? As American wine culture has evolved over the past few decades, it has become increasingly common for American consumers to go beyond familiar Californian wines to Old World designations originating in France, Italy, and Germany.

As the American palate expander, the need for more specialized skills emerged. Upscale restaurants and resorts now regularly work with sommeliers to structure their menus, maintain their wine cellars, and help diners make food choices. Once known only in Europe, professional sommeliers are now an integral part of the American luxury experience.

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