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Scrabble Words with Q In Them, But Not U

You probably know that the letter Q can be a difficult letter to use if you've ever played the word/board game Scrabble. There aren't many words that contain the letter Q, and most of them require the letter U. Word Cookies Cheat Sheet can help you find such a difficult word.

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Here are some tips to help you improve your Scrabble skills.

You can play 20 words that contain a Q, but not a U. Here's the complete list. Qophs Qaid, Qats Qats Qindarka Qintars Qwertys Qwertys Qwertys Qwertys Qwertys Qwertys Qwertys Qwertys Sheqel Tranqs Faqir Qaids Qanat

As you can see, there are not many, if any, of these that you've ever heard of. You don't have to worry about it, most people haven’t. You will need to learn them to be able to find them in your next game.

Writing them down on a list and spelling them out loud is the best way to remember them. Next, rewrite the list several times and spell them out each time. You will eventually be able to remember them if you keep at it. Continue doing this until they are all memorized.

Although it might seem difficult to believe, hundreds of words use this consonant. Once you have memorized the above list, go online and search for other words. Next, take a section from each one and remember them in the same manner. You will soon have a complete list of names you can use.