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Saving Pets in Disasters Requires Planning Ahead

Most people do not plan for unexpected events. Disasters–natural or man-made–are totally unexpected events. With any disaster, planning is the key to survival and recovery.

While you are planning for your family's survival, remember

that your pets depend upon you. A disaster is as stressful to your pets as it is to you. The love shared with your pets can help reduce the stress of a disaster, for you, your family, and your pets.

You should prepare a disaster kit for your pets just as you prepare one for yourself. Your dog or cat should have a collar with a current license. Consider having an identification chip implanted in your pet. You can also discover the best animal rescue group through the web. 

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The following list of items is the minimum that you should have for each animal.

Copies of current veterinary records

Extra dishes for food and water

A minimum 3-day supply of food and water

An extra supply of medications

Current photographs and records and other identification

A portable carrier

Leashes and a rope to construct a temporary dog run

Favorite toys

Bedding material

Shelter from inclement weather

If you would like further information for surviving a disaster, get Survive Disaster and you can also visit internet for more information about pet saving.