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Root canal and its treatment

Root canal therapy is also called RCT treatment, it is a process used to treat problems of the inside tooth, or the dental pulp. It is a way to protect teeth that might have to be pulled.

The therapy could involve from one to three appointments with your Endodontist, (root canal professional). During therapy, the unhealthy tooth pulp is removed and the pulp chamber and root canals of the tooth are cleaned and wrapped. Root canal therapy in Los Angeles  can diagnose small cavities and fill them before they become so large that it starts to affect the nerve.

Root Canal Treatment

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The root canals of a tooth are the portions of the mush cavity which are inside the roots, and in a healthy tooth contain the important (live) pulp tissues. The pulp is made up of mostly blood vessels and nerves.

The nerves inside the tooth are answerable for communicating feelings of discomfort and infection inside the tooth.

Root canal therapy is the extraction of damaged or diseased nerves and tissue from the inside of your tooth's mush chamber.

Root canal treatment involves drilling a minor opening in the tooth, eliminating the nerve, blood supply, and pulp. The canal is then cleaned, molded, sterilized and the end of the root and canal space is then wrapped off with filling material,  like a cavity or hole in your tooth would be filled.

Root canal treatment can be easy if caught early. Like most difficulties, the longer you wait the poorer it can be to treat. See your doctor right away if you feel any pain with chewing or too hot and cold foods.