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Roof Renovation Guide For Beginners

Roof renovation has different meanings, as it means to repair your current roof to be as good as new or entirely getting new surface of tar or shingles. Whatever your requirement is, roof renovation can be tricky and dangerous, especially when you don’t have any experience in the same.

Safety First

When planning to renovate the roof of your house, you need to ensure your safety. You will have to climb a ladder to perform the renovation process, so you can’t afford a fall from a height of 10 ft., or more. Make sure to use reliable ladders with anti-skid steps to avoid slip and fall. You should use scaffolding, as it offers a more stable surface for you to work on your roof. If your roof has a steep pitch, then renovation becomes more dangerous, especially in wet weather. Therefore, you will have to use roof jacks and planks for safety.

Efficiently Replace Shingles & Flashings

You will also have to replace the flashing, shingles, soffit and facia, so if you have no knowledge about the same, then it is better to avoid DIY replacement and hire a professional. If you are dealing with a leaking roof, then you can replace blown off or broken shingles. Mark the spots where leaks are occurring and note of any damaged shingles there. If the damaged shingles are not repaired or replaced, then the leaks may further damage the roof.

Replacing damaged shingles is easy for beginners, as they just require a few basic tools and without a vast experience. Find the broken shingles and check if the roof is curling back, and if it is, then use an asphalt roofing cement. You should add the cement in a tube made for a caulking gun. During summers, flatten shingle and glue it down again whereas in winters, use a propane torch to soften the shingle. Only use these tools when you know how to use them properly. To avoid the hassle, you should hire a roofing contractor for carrying out roof renovation.