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Paint For Cars – Learn How to Do It

Most car owners have a deep desire that they want their car painted at least once in their life. But they don't express it or try for fear of not getting it right. That fear is completely legitimate because any mistake in this process could ruin the beauty of the car and force you to invest money to get it back in its original shape.

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The first step is to park the car in a well-ventilated area, as good ventilation will allow the paint to dry quickly.

Cover the areas you want to protect from spraying with protective paint, or at least plastic wrap and tape. This can include glasses, door handles, bumpers, headlights, taillights, license plates, and much more. These parts can also be removed, but a better option is to cover them up.

In the second step, scrub the entire car with medium grit sandpaper, wiping every inch of the car. This will remove dust particles from the body and even turn them into a spray.

Then apply the primer coat with a brush. Try to keep the layers thin and even. Then scrub the entire car again with the same sandpaper. Rub the whole car back and forth and finish using a dry cloth as before for the same purpose.

Check compressor for consistency and perfection by testing it. After everything is confirmed, start spraying.

 The first coat is lighter in color and after application let it dry completely before applying the next coat and follow the same drying process before applying the third and final coat. In general, three coats are recommended, and the next one depends on your choice.