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Options for Keeping a Landline Number

When trying to save a landline number, the most obvious solution may be to find a new landline telephone service. In this case, you will only be switched from one another landline service.

The problem is that this option is expensive and a hassle to setup. Typically, basic landline service costs $ 40 / month, not including the cost of the hardware.To get detailed information about keeping a landline number, visit

Fortunately, there are two much easier and cheaper solution: Number Docking and Call Forwarding.

Option 1: The number of docking 

Docking number, sometimes referred to as the "Center number," is the process of storing digital landline numbers and are the cheapest way to stay.

service provider that offers Number Docking will move your number from your current carrier and then save your number for a small fee on their network.

Some service providers will even let you get an email and text notifications called your number, so you do not lose the call entirely.

Option 2: Number Docking + Call Forwarding 

You may wish to continue to receive calls from your home phone number. With Call Forwarding you can do exactly that.

After docking your number, you can request to forward all calls to a cell phone there. That means you can receive a phone call your home right on your phone.