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Nurses On The Night Shift

In the life of a nurse, night shifts are not only a right of passage. Often, depending on your specialty or the hospital schedule, you can expect night shifts to cross your path for your entire career. If you are searching for the best night shift jobs in London visit

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Sleeping away the day can be incredibly annoying, but it pretty much has to happen if you want to survive those graveyard hours. 

Here are some helpful tips for making it through the night shift in one piece and some helpful perks of working late:

Buck Up: Attitude is everything, and going into anything with a lousy view only makes it more difficult to endure. So you go the night shift. 

Calories: Bring a snack, dinner, or whatever you want to call eating food at 3 am. Hydrate throughout your shift and be sure to actually take the time to scarf down your food. 

Prepare: Take a nap before your shift starts. If night shifts are to be your constant for a while, try slowly altering your sleeping habits to better match your work schedule. 

Don't Caffeine Overdose: Gurgling coffee will stain your teeth and set you up to crash later in your shift. Try to wait until at least halfway through your hours to have a cup. 

Brighten the Room: Wearing bright colors can help you feel more alive and can boost the mood of the people around you. Find scrubs that make you feel happy, and if you can handle it, consider options that might make your patients laugh.