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Multipoint Inspections Are a Key Performance Indicator

Multipoint Inspections have been around a long time. There are as many variations as there are Dealers and Manufacturers. And there are as many uses as well.

Some Dealers use them as a tool to increase Additional Service Requests conversion. Other dealers use them as a "used car" inspection form. However you and your Dealership use them, they are still a Key Performance Indicator.

Low ASR conversion rates? Check the Multipoint process. Low Hours per Repair Order? Check the Multipoint process. Too many 1 item Repair Orders? Check the Multipoint process.

The Multipoint Inspection (MPI) is the beginning and the end of the Customer Repair Order Process. If you are experiencing low Service Sales, you will need to take a look at your MPI direct repair process and find out if this is causing the breakdown.

Here are 3 possible causes for low MPI results.

First, you might be having what is called a "lack of follow through" by the Service Advisor. He or she might be doing a lot of things right in the Service Drive, but if they are not initiating a new MPI on every Customer that comes through the door they are creating a condition called "Lack of Sales." Fortunately, this condition is easily curable.

Work with the Service Advisor in the Service Drive for a few days and insist that every Customer gets a MPI attached to the Repair Order copy for the Technician to complete. Follow this with a serious commitment to Daily Repair Order Review. This will drive the point home.

Second, you might be suffering from MPI "pencil whip." This is a condition whereby the Technician(s) have stopped inspecting the vehicle and mark every item on the MPI as "green" or "good." This also is an easily cured condition requiring a dose of Daily Repair Order Review and Monitoring. In some cases there may need to be a little more coaching on the vehicle inspection process, especially if some obvious items are being overlooked.