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Most Important Features of a Marketing Business Dashboard

In today's highly competitive markets and competitive environment, sharing information swiftly, efficiently, and effectively is vital. Customers expect a quick turnaround on their projects, but they are not willing to sacrifice quality or accuracy. 

They also want to get their information in a simple, concise way that doesn't require many hours of study to understand. Marketing dashboard becoming one of most used tools in the business intelligence industry business dashboards that are dynamic and deliver everything mentioned above. Like a car's dashboard contains all the necessary details needed for a driver to make sure he is navigating his car accurately. A well-designed dashboard should provide a huge quantity of information in a simple and easy-to-read manner. 

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When choosing a dashboard that is dynamic for your company There are a few crucial aspects that must be in place for the best functionality for the dashboard.

Functionality – The basic functionality is crucial. Important features should include hovers, drill-downs sorting, and conditional formatting. The ability to show an array of kinds of charts is crucial.

Customized views – The user is expected to be able to build custom dashboard views. For instance, to concentrate on the most important metrics, without any clutter, dynamic dashboards should provide simple drag and drop capabilities that let users select the chart item which they're interested in and then move them across the display. 

With this powerful tool, companies will be able to access information with greater efficiency and analyze it more quickly, allowing them to make better business decisions.