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Mobile Car Wash Equipment – Pressure Washing Hoses Discussed

No matter what your profession, you need the tools of the trade and you need to ensure that you are provided with the right tools to ensure efficiency and safety in the workplace.

His biggest concern is what kind of equipment is needed. You can also look for the best exclusive fleet wash through the web.

Car Wash

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What type of pressure washer or hot water pressure washer, regeneration system, storage tank, and even hose is used. The hoses used in the pressure washer business are essential not only for efficiency and ease of use but also for safety reasons.

"What diameter hose should I use for my pressure washer when cleaning the car dealership at my mobile car wash?"

Now I'm using a 3/8 tube, it's lighter and easier to maneuver. Also, remember that this hose is badly damaged by constant flexing. I recommend stabbing it with a pin so the heat and pressure can be better absorbed by the tire.

You should also use a blue hose that won't leave marks on the floor, on your hands, or equipment or vehicles if you accidentally brush it. I recommend the double braided steel mesh and the 50-factor safety at working pressure and multiple breaking stresses you may deem necessary.

If you are running at 1500-2500, then take a working pressure of 3500-4000 and a hose with a dropout value of 4500-5000. Also, don't overdo it as you will be using the hose from a lot of ground grinding. time, cutting steel inside your hands, it sucks but you get used to it.