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Learning The World Of Technology Through Computers

Technology has always been part of our lives, from creating the first clubs and fires into the Space Age and the Information Age. We always learn enough about technology to use it as part of our everyday living, however, computer technology is one of the least understood parts of our existence.

However, like every other kind of technology, the more you understand it the better equipped you are to handle the many issues that can arise. You will be able to help yourself with this information, and you will have the ability to help, and impress, your buddies too.

The most fundamental modern setup will comprise four components; the computer itself, a mouse, a keyboard, and a screen. There might be many other added elements such as printers, modems, speakers, speakers, etc..

The computer itself computes information (processing); we need to give information into the computer (input) for new information from the computer (output). Each piece of computer gear provides one or more of these functions, input, output, and processing.

A keyboard and a mouse provide input into the computer. After processing the information that the results are output to a monitor or a printer. Some devices can offer both input and output.

For instance, we could obtain an email from a buddy (input from the net through the modem) and respond to the email (output to the net through the modem). Or you may produce a spreadsheet and save it to your hard drive and later open the spreadsheet from the hard disk . The modem and the hard drive can both input and output, so they are known as input-output (I/O) devices.

All software, data, and programs, are kept on the computer in one form or another. When you are working on a word processing file, for instance, you have loaded the application (word processor) and information (document) into the RAM (Random Access Memory) of this pc. This is where it is stored while the pc is processing the information.