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Laser Hair Removal: Prepare For Your Session

Are you looking for smooth skin? If you are tired of trimming, waxing and plucking unwanted hairs, laser hair removal is a good option. People want smooth, beautiful skin when they are at the beach or in town. Laser hair removal is the best option to get rid of unwanted hair growth. 

Some steps will help you prepare for laser hair removal. Laser treatments available at are only performed by board-certified dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. Verify the credentials of any physician who is performing the procedure. Check that the technician or physician has previous experience in laser hair removal.

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Set up a consultation with your physician. The physician will discuss your medical history, review the benefits and risks of the procedure and create a treatment plan. To minimize discomfort and maximize the effectiveness of laser treatment, it is important to follow the doctor's instructions. Be sure to shave the area that will be treated. 

This will reduce discomfort. It is best to shave your areas at least two days prior to your appointment. Make sure to clean your skin of any deodorants, powders or lotions. For one month, avoid waxing or plucking. Use no chemical hair removers or mechanical epilators. Electrolysis is not recommended. Laser treatments can be affected by certain hair removal methods. 

To prepare for the treatment, avoid using sunless tanning creams for at least four weeks. If you plan to spend time outdoors, apply sunscreen. Your hair removal efforts will be affected if there is any pigment on your skin. Laser hair removal procedures that are performed on areas with tanned skin may not be recommended by doctors and technicians.