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Know About Wireless Charging

Wireless charging allows for charging at very short distances using wireless technology. Wireless charging has the advantage that it is faster and easier than traditional charging. You don't need to plug in and unplug every time you use your device. 

All you have to do is place your device on top. It's also more attractive. Technology has gone so advanced that now it is possible to have wireless charging for furniture. You can find many Qi wireless chargers in various sizes, shapes, and colors. Qi chargers can be purchased for your desk.

Qi, which is pronounced "cheek", is the most widely used standard for wireless charging. It has been supported by all major companies. 

All latest models include wireless charging. Many firms are making a wide variety of wireless chargers that will work with any phone with Qi wireless charging.

Some phones come with wireless charging built-in. These are available here.

Some phones require a new rear cover or case. These covers are made to fit certain phones so be sure you select the right one. We've provided links to the appropriate cases and rear covers.

You can also use a universal adapter to allow older phones to charge wirelessly if a wireless charging cover is not available.

There are two options: an internal adapter that slides into a case or an external adapter that hangs outside. We recommend that you use internal adapters in most cases.

You will only need a wireless charger once you have determined that your phone supports wireless charging or adding an accessory to it.