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Kitchen Countertop Options For Your Renovation in Austin

Remodeling your kitchen is one of the wisest investments you can make to your home. With the right design choices, the project can ultimately boost resale value. Kitchens need to perfectly balance the need for form and function, but sometimes the options for re-model are overwhelming.

Countertops in particular are very hard to choose since they all have to withstand different degrees of activity, based on your household habits. Here are kitchen countertop options upon which you can make an informed decision.

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granite installation

1. Granite.

Granite is widely favored because it can withstand a host of variables. It is noted for its density, ability to absorb water, and good immunity to acid corrosion. It also offers a natural, organic appearance in its pattern and random threading.

2. Ceramic.

This offers an elegant presentation and is quite popular for its scratch-resistance and heat threshold, but beware that it can be prone to chip and crack. Another significant drawback is that the grout required to install tiles will have to be cleaned and sealed vigilantly in order to keep a fresh, clean appearance.

3. Wood.

For those with more rustic and homey tastes, a wood countertop looks and feels ideal. It lends character to your kitchen and is bacteria-resistant to boot, but come also at a cost. It is sensitive to scorching and may also trap odors. Regular maintenance such as deodorizing and sealing the surface with oil will be necessary.