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Indoor Versus Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Ping pong is always played indoors as a competitive sport, but it's also enjoyable to play outside. The difference between indoor and outdoor ping pong is that indoor tables are designed to be played inside due to climatic elements such as heat, humidity, wind, and dirt. They are often made from different materials. 

The first and most striking difference is the material of manufacture. The ping pong table is made of a material that is more suitable for players in many aspects. 

Indoor butterfly ping pong tables are often made of wood, chipboard, or plank. Fiberboard and wood are the best table materials.

Outdoor ping pong tables, on the other hand, are made of aluminum, melamine, galvanized steel, or other weather-resistant materials. Cheap ones are often made of aluminum, while high-quality outdoor tables are often made of galvanized steel or other high-quality steel.

Some workbenches are made of wood but are highly weather-resistant. The mesh, frame, and wheels are weather-resistant.

One of the biggest differences between indoor and outdoor tables is the bounce of the ball. Wood, wood chips, or planks are much more suitable for celluloid or ABS plastic balls than metal and steel. 

In general, outdoor ping pong tables are more expensive due to their building methods.