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Important Considerations When Buying A Cordless Drill

The cordless drill, along with a hammer or screwdriver, is perhaps one of the tools most frequently used by modern craftsmen. The cordless drill saves time and energy when drilling holes, and the cordless drill/driver is an excellent multi-function tool when you need to perform multiple bonding operations. The main advantage of the cordless drill is, of course, its portability in comparison to its corded cousin.

The main types of cordless drill bits:

Modern wireless cordless drills can perform a variety of tasks and offer a number of different functions, including:

Multi-Functional Drill/Driver:

The drill can drill holes and install screws. An important feature in this type of drill is variable coupling. This allows the screws to be tightened without removing the screws or damaging the mounting surface. Another standard feature of this type of drill bit is the reverse setting, as you can't remove the screw without it.

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Hammer Arrangement:

With a light bit, it can only be used sparingly to allow drilling in masonry and concrete. This type of light drill is only useful for home improvement. A stronger cordless drill will only drill into concrete for a short period of time, and very strong models may even have a swivel lock so hammer action can be used to "chase" walls while laying cables or even with minor damage.

Variable Speed Actuation:

A very useful drilling/guide function as it makes screwing much easier, but also useful when drilling metal as it allows for lower speeds and prevents overheating. Such a function can sometimes be obtained by setting a double speed which also changes the torque supplied by the drill.