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How to Use Reusable Joint Filters for Smoking?

Glass filters are developed with the new technology to make the smoking experience better. It becomes very easy to make a cigarette with glass filter rolling tips. First, make a few folds at the end of your filter material. Make the folds as wide as you want. Remember to fold the paper when folding. If not, the tip of the stick is too tight.

How many folds you have to use is up to you. Some talk about making an M shape on a filter tip, while others choose a simple V. Experiment to find the one you like the most.

After the first fold, wrap the rest of the filter material around the folded part. Make sure you have opened enough paper to fully wrap the filter – you want the finished product to roll easily between your fingers.

Wrap excess paper – you can tear it if it's too much – and rotate the finished filters between your fingers. After you wrap the filter tip in your joint, this suspension will help you avoid falling into the filters from the end of the joint.

Place the filter tip on the end of your removable paper and roll it into your joint. Also, let go of some filter material and then press together with the edge of the roll after it's rolled.