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How to Conduct a Vulnerability Assessment

An assessment of vulnerability is done to determine a system's risk position based on its IT vulnerability. The threat is defined by the combination of vulnerabilities, threats, and asset worth. One example of a risk is an employee who is unhappy trying to gain access that is not authorized into the computer system. 

A vulnerability is one that doesn't require authentication to access the system through the Internet. The assets with the highest value can be described as systems that contain sensitive data, like social security numbers.

The most important steps to conducting an assessment of managed vulnerability scanning are gathering the required information in defining the scope identifying the roles and responsibilities, creating the test strategy, conducting the tests, and logging the outcomes.

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It is the first stage of gathering the necessary information. A Statement of Work is a contract between two parties that describes the work that is involved and the scope of the work as well as the parties involved as well as the dates and time of completion. 

The team that is responsible for vulnerability assessment examines the Statement of Work and gathers additional details from clients. Other requirements may include information like defining the kinds of tests that aren't within range (e.g. the Denial of Service) or specifying reporting requirements.