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How To Choose The Best Used Car Dealer

Quality Assurance:

Used car dealers must have licensed personnel to carry out vehicle inspections. Some of the areas to look for for a quality unit are external vehicle inspections, interior cleaning, mechanical inspections and assessments, up-to-date photos of vehicle conditions to post on the internet, dealer-quality printing, and appraisal reports. If the car is from Japan, you can always find a surveyor report signed by a licensed Japanese engineer.

Dealer Guarantee:

Used Mazda car dealers in Sydney via must ensure that the vehicle described on their website is as accurate as possible while on site. The importer has 14 days from the date the vehicle arrives at the port of destination to notify the dealer of any damage or malfunction that you think may be requested. The number of days varies depending on the retailer.

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Your dealer must provide a mileage certificate:

An odometer (also known as kilometers) is a device that shows the distance traveled by car or another vehicle. Either it can be electronic or mechanical. At various car inspection stores, they give you additional protection against mileage fraud via odometer inspection, a quality control service that is standard on all of our devices at no additional cost.

Stolen Vehicle Inspection:

Yes, your used car dealer will need to provide you with a stolen vehicle inspection certificate. The dealer must fully review the ownership history of all vehicles. You must guarantee the customer all the rights and remedies provided by Japanese law should a problem arise. This may include legal and/or financial assistance, reimbursements for purchase prices, or replacement costs.