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How to Choose a Collar Style

With so many collar styles to choose from, choosing the perfect collar style can feel a bit daunting. But it's really not so bad. 

Here are some guidelines we generally stick with to help guys choose the right collar.

  • Shorter necks choose collars with standard collar bands

If you know you have a particularly short neck then you will want to stick to the collars that have standard-height collar bands. The collar band is the part of the collar that goes around your neck, so the height of the collar band determines how high up your neck the collar will stand. You can choose to buy extreme cutaway collar shirts online. They suit you better.

Extreme Cutaway Pink Premium

  • Longer necks choose collars with longer collar bands

If you're over 6 feet tall, or just feel that you have a longer neck, you'll want to consider a collar with a slightly taller collar band. them looking strangely massive (no matter how big or small you are)

  • Wider faces choose point or semi spread collars

If you have a particularly round face, you might want to steer clear of something with an aggressive spread. Choosing a straight point collar can help visually lengthen out your face.

If your face is particularly long, then a semi-spread or point collar might not be your best choice. A collar with a little more spread will balance out your natural shape.