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Girls Bedroom Accessories – Important Considerations

A girl's bedroom should be filled with fun and interesting accents, and one way to do so is with decorative furniture. Wallpaper behind a cube shelf transforms it into a fun little house. Not only is it easy to maintain, it can also be fun to clean. Another great way to add interest to a girl’s room is to create a headboard. A headboard does not need to cost a lot of money to create a beautiful headboard.

Retro furniture

A playful print on a wall can make a girl's room feel more retro. And a retro hanging chair or daybed can turn her room into her own chill-out area! Here's how to create your own retro-inspired girls' bedroom accessories. It's easy to recreate the look. All you need are a few different wood stains and a little creativity. And hey, it won't cost you a fortune!

To create a vintage-themed room for a girl, combine modern reproductions of antique furniture with a vintage theme. Choose fewer but more feminine elements. The bed is the focus, and you can pair it with a beautiful vintage dresser, a birdcage-themed mirror, and elegant nightstand accessories. You can even recreate your own vintage dress for a little girl! The possibilities are endless! A vintage look for a girls' bedroom are endless!

Canopy beds

If you're looking for Canopy beds for girls, you have plenty of options. You can purchase them ready-made, or build them from scratch yourself. You can choose an elaborate or simple style, and coordinate it with the rest of the room's accessories. Or, you can go with something simple that blends with the rest of the room's aesthetics, such as a framed piece of artwork.

Canopy beds make a statement in a bedroom, and you can pair them with modern accessories like a sleek fan or metal nightstand. While they are often found in children's rooms, you can also use them to be playful without being too childish. You can add colorful accents, including cheeky wallpaper, vibrant linens, and textured drapes. There are many options available when decorating a canopy bed.

Wall decals

For the little princess in your life, wall decals are the perfect solution! They come in a variety of colorful shapes, sizes, and textures, from butterflies and giraffes to the alphabet jungle and inspirational quotes. The options are endless and they are easy to match with the overall interior of the room. If you're wondering where to start, here are some great ideas for decorating your little girl's bedroom:

Geometric wall art is eye-catching and easy to recreate! All you need is a couple of painter's tape, patience, and a tutorial. Try Eliza Rose's geometric wall art tutorial. You can also try a tutorial from Vintage Revi, who created a beautiful accent wall that looks like a 3D honeycomb! The tutorial is easy to follow and she even shows how to remove the decals once you are done!

Imaginative play

Add some interesting details to your daughter's room with a range of girls bedroom accessories. Dolly swings and nautical home decor add a whimsical touch, while faux leather animal bookends replicate the kingdom of animal kingdom. Hang a toy animal on the wall and let your child pretend to be the animal! For a more modern look, you could install a gold circle wall sticker. If she grows out of it, just peel the stickers off and paint over them.

Alternatively, use Frog Tape to mask the peaks of the walls and apply some paint. Keep a selection of role-play toys nearby so your daughter can create imaginative scenes spontaneously. Refurbishing the room is easy too; reuse things you have lying around the house. Use left-over paint to create a feature wall or use excess fabric to make new cushions. Also, make use of unused pieces of furniture in other rooms to create a more stylish bedroom.


If you're looking for colors for girls bedroom accessories, you have several options. Blue and green are always popular, but there are many variations, so you can find a color for any style or budget. If you'd like to avoid using traditional baby pink and blue, try periwinkle or mustard yellow, which have softer pink undertones. Also, if you'd like to switch up the accessories and keep the theme the same, you can try lavender.

Pink is still a classic for girl's bedroom accessories, and it looks best in combination with other light colors, like white. For larger rooms, add a pink hanging chair that can hold two people. If you have a large space, invest in a couch in a neutral color, so it blends in with the rest of the decor. Add a few fluffy throw pillows to complete the look. When shopping for bedroom accessories, keep in mind the overall theme of the room.