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Get The Best Rope Jumping Apps For All Users

Rope jumping is a quite simple sport. Not long before, people needed a single purpose outline to track the jumping session. But today, with the help of the Smartphone applications, the tracking down process has become a lot simpler. Myriads of choices are made available for the iPhone as well as Android phone users, each of them catering the need of every person.

Some of these apps feature lots of statistics tracking, while some others make the rope jumping part a fun by combining the same with some interactive games. You can also download Jump rope workout application from to make your jumping session interesting.

Roju app is one of the most popular GPS tracking applications not only for the iPhone users, but also for the Windows as well as Android platform Smartphone’s. This app keeps a full track of your speed, distance, calories burned, route and a lot more. You can easily store as well as review all your running history on the personal dashboard. It is a great training guide for the users.

This app enables the users to connect with the other rope jumpers through social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and others. You can make use of the trails blazed by your social media counterparts or create your very own maps. You can also set you goals and get the nutrition tips according to the fat burned by you. The voice feature is yet another motivational factor associated with this app.