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Get Started With a Messenger Bot

Facebook ChatBots is transforming today’s small business today. They have completely changed the online marketing game. And they wield massive power for anything business you are in.

So enough with the hype. In this article, I’ll show you how to leverage Facebook Messenger Bots for your business. Here are the benefits you can reap. Get to know more.

* Get customers: Since Messenger Bot allows you to create a virtual representation for your business, your sales pitch gets instant feedback and response. And that means you can make improvements to your product, get more customers, and earn more profit from every sale. All of these happen thanks to the power of chat.

* Increase your online presence: ChatBots allows you to showcase your products in a more interesting way, letting users know more about what’s available to them. This helps in building a good reputation. And when your profile is updated or modified, you can easily update your status. This helps in building your business.

* Make your sales pitch easier: Now your sales pitch doesn’t need to be written out in a lengthy article. It can be made easily through chat by having your Messenger Bot handles everything.

* Sales Calls: Messenger Bot lets you create instant sales calls without actually leaving your desk. You just have to create an account, and then go to your Sales Call settings. And then you can make live calls through Chat.

* Sales Conversations: Now you can even create a conversation between you and your clients using ChatBots. And this is great for marketing and sales because it lets you showcase your skills and talents and lets your customer feel closer to you.

This all sounds very good, but how do you get started using Social Media? It’s actually very easy. Simply visit my blog below.

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With Messenger Bot, you don’t even have to worry about setting up an account. All you have to do is sign in using your Facebook account. It’s free! And you’ll instantly get a virtual version of your business at your fingertips.

Just click “Create My Own Version”. This will let you create a Messenger Bot account.

Now you can use it to create the business you dream of. You can create and customize your profile, add a photo gallery, write reviews, and a blog. Create a fan page to interact with your friends, etc.

You can also share your own custom profile. And your Messenger Bot will also keep track of all your friends, so you can see who is connected with you.

You can even start a business chat and invite your friends to join. The process is very simple. And it’s very easy to make new contacts. Just type “connect to Facebook” and enter the web address of your Messenger Bot.

Create a new chat and invite all your friends. Once they accept, you can choose a name and a password. Your chat is now open to them. So you can begin chatting with them and they can choose to reply to any messages.

They’ll be added to a queue, so when you are ready to chat with them, type the message and then send them. When you’re ready to end your chat, just type “end chat” and close your chat window.

As you might have noticed, you have complete control over how your Messenger Bot looks, acts, and speaks. And there’s no limit to what you can do with it.

You can make friends, create your own social network, build a business, and more. So go ahead and download the latest Facebook Chatbot and create a new one now.