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Get Coffee At Your Door

If you are working in the office, you still want a cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop. A morning coffee can be just what you need to ensure a productive day. That dose of caffeine can provide the energy needed to face and resolve the daily challenges.

A grainy drink from the vending machine isn’t anyone’s preference, but no matter whether you favor an expresso, latte or Cappuccino, your drink of choice can be delivered to your doorstep by the portable coffee catering in Singapore.

A mobile coffee van can be booked to arrive on your industrial estate, office complex or conference center at a set time each day, or it can be bought in for one -off events. Either way you can ensure that all of your employees and guests have quality refreshments.

Having office coffee service not only offers readily accessible, delicious drinks, but something as simple as providing it makes your employees feel appreciated. According to a survey, 61 percent of employees feel as if their employer cares about their happiness and well-being if they are provided with office coffee service and other hot beverages. 

These coffee services have regional franchisees. They provide everything you need to get your up and running, so you can focus on finding the customers and serving their favorite drink.