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Furnace Maintenance and Care Benefits

Regular furnace maintenance guarantees homeowners that their heating system is running smoothly during the winter months. 

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 Finding a reliable contractor ensures that homeowners maintain their heating systems at maximum efficiency for maximum cost savings.

Most ovens are fairly reliable and have few obvious mechanical problems. However, this reliability can obscure the fact that some components are inconsistent with the rest of the system.

 When components don't work properly, homeowners lose money and energy efficiency. Regular maintenance helps identify these component problems and fix minor problems before they become more serious.

 Stoves that are not maintained regularly can be prone to producing carbon monoxide, which is odorless, but is a toxic gas that can be fatal if inhaled.

 In addition, stoves that are not regularly maintained use more fuel and emit more greenhouse gases, leading to higher heating bills and an increased household carbon footprint.

Some homeowners believe that oil additives keep their stoves clean. Oil additives perform a number of roles including preventing mechanical wear and soot and scale buildup.

 Additives such as detergents can also prevent rust and sludge from building up in the oil tank. However, oil supplements should not force homeowners to increase the time between maintenance visits. 

Owners should always follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions, which usually means annual maintenance.