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For Your Fitness, Try These Boot Camp Workouts

Inventing new boot camp fitness workouts, and coming up with innovative ways to incorporate exercises inventing innovative ideas for each boot camp session can be a challenge. You're trying for your camp to be fun and make the exercises enjoyable but you need to be able to make them challenging enough that your students will get amazing results.

There is a myriad of ideas and concepts that you could think about when planning for your boot camp exercise. Here are some of our most loved ideas for boot camps that have helped us make our fitness boot camp programs to success:

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1. Partner Training: Pairing campers with a partner can alter the overall dynamic of the exercise. Partner exercises can be completed by having them complete each exercise together allowing them to take turns or you can ask them to work together as a team for an exercise.

2. Training with Tabata: Tabata Training is among the more effective types of exercises you can perform within the shortest time. Make sure you do exercises that are difficult and attempt to work for larger muscle groups whenever it is possible. Tabatas are 20 seconds of exercise and then 10 secs of rest repeating for eight sessions.

3. Circuits: Try 3-10 different activities and then create "stations." Split your group into equal groups and have them move around each station for 30-60 minutes. This is a great method to increase your campers' heart rates and offer them a variety of exercise options within one session. Circuits are also great when you are working with a small amount of equipment as everyone can participate at every station.

4. Timed Workouts: These work well for groups since everyone can work at their pace. I would suggest picking the duration and then having the campers complete at least as many times of exercises as they can in the time allotted.