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Features and Benefits Of A Waffle Pod Slab

Waffle slabs are reinforced concrete slabs used in the construction of concrete slabs for new homes, extensions to existing buildings, or commercial buildings. You can choose to have your own design from an engineer of your choice or our team can help you arrange for a reliable engineer to design panels on site to suit your needs and budget.

Waffle pod slab systems are suitable for flat surfaces with suitable soil or fill. The floor must have good surface strength and must not react. Floors with a high clay content (class H1 and H2) are not suitable for this type of house, as good floor drainage is required.

1. Stronger through better designed panels

2. Faster setup

3. Save cost

4. Safer, no trench collapse during rainy weather during construction

5. End time is more accurate because rain doesn't slow down work.

6. Fire retardant additives to reduce the risk of construction site fires from grinding machines, etc.

7. Adds insulation benefits to the thermal resistance of R1.0 (W/mK). Keeps your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer and reduces energy consumption

8. Easy to use

9. Strong and flexible

10. Low water absorption

11. Comply with all relevant building codes and standards

We supervise and offer quotes for all wafer board projects and take care of all earthworks and machining requirements and provide you with all necessary quotes so that you only have to deal with one company to complete the construction work professionally and efficiently.