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DUI Defense Attorney – What They Can Do For You

When faced with a criminal charge such as a DUI, there are three options for legal representation: a person can choose self-representation, a court-appointed attorney, or a private criminal defense attorney. The least popular option is self-expression because it is the riskiest option.

It's a popular misconception that you don't need legal representation if you wish to enter a guilty plea. But they overlook the fact that a lawyer can provide alternatives or lighten punishments. Because a skilled DUI Criminal Defense Attorney may identify issues with the charges and choose to disregard them, an unexpectedly high proportion of DUI cases never reach the sentencing phase.

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Court-appointed lawyers are not available for all defendants. The government has set standards to determine eligibility for full or partial representation. These guidelines include, among other things, the defendant's income. 

One of the advantages of using public defenders is that they have more experience and knowledge of a particular court system.

The defendant will want to research and interview several potential attorneys and be prepared with a lot of questions. Avoid choosing a trusted or less expensive attorney who specializes in different legal practices. Experienced DUI defense attorneys have access to important research and knowledge on related litigation outcomes.

Even if you have been convicted of drinking and driving, a DUI defense attorney can help remove the conviction from your permanent record.