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Drug Rehab Program in NJ – An Overview

There are two levels of drug rehab programs. The first level is drug therapy and the second level is the treatment of psychological dependency. Physical dependency is treated with the help of drug detoxification. The physical and psychological methods of treatment are used together.

The treatment starts from pharmacotherapy. This therapy is used in every type of program. The most common medicines which are used in this therapy are buprenorphine and morphine. Both of these medicines come under the opioid group. These medicines help a lot in toning down the dependency on the drug.

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The second common therapy which is used to treat addiction is known as detoxification. It treats the imbalance of the chemicals in the body of the patient. Chemical balance plays an important role in the patient's recovery process. The patient should maintain a healthy diet and way of life while the detoxification process goes on.

The patient who is being treated for drug addiction should also go under psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is one of the basic therapies which is used by drug rehabilitation centers worldwide. The patient's psychological condition is continuously accessed during this therapy.

Some addicts have problems with their behavior. To treat these types of problems the dialectical behavioral therapy is used. This type of therapy includes interview sessions. The patient has to tell all the events which lead to the present situation. This therapy teaches the patient to deal with real-life situations.

The last step of the therapy is known as brief strategic family therapy. Many times teenagers get involved in drugs due to the bad behavior of their parents. Through this therapy, professionals try to have different counseling sessions with the parents.