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Dried Flowers – How Do You Preserve Them?

Flowers are indispensable for decoration and ornamentation. But the flowers wither and die. Flowers may not be available year-round, but storing them like dried flowers gives you a wide variety of inexpensive decorating tools. There are many sites like that allows user to purchase dry flowers at affordable prices.

When you save flowers, you are not only recycling natural ingredients and not only using your creative juices. With dried flowers, you can make flower beauty accessible regardless of the season.

How do you save flowers? Here are some things you need to know to make dried flowers:

• The first step in preparing dried flowers is choosing the right ingredients. Not only must flowers have aesthetic value, but they must also be picked at the right time. Flowers should not be picked in the late afternoon as it will be too dry at that time. The best time is very early in the morning – as soon as the dew dries.

• After the flowers dry, most of their original colour will disappear. In this way, the colouring is done to enhance the original colour of the flower or change the original colour to match the desired composition. Dyeing of dried flowers can be done by artificial staining or by absorbing dye or by using citric acid. On the other hand, the colour change occurs in such a way that the original colour of the flower loses its colour until it turns white.