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Divorce Property Settlement In Australia

Divorce property settlement is among the most frequently seen legal issues in family law. Together with the institute of a marriage breaking up in today's society, it often leaves plenty of complications and pain in its wake. 

Many times, the divorcing couple will have contentions regarding common property and children. Family law generally deals with a number of these issues including child support and property settlement by Kazi Portolesi lawyers.

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There are lots of kinds of property settlement in the event of divorce. Some of them include:

Informal property settlement

As the name implies this is an informal settlement and shouldn't be used except when the property involved is of nominal value. Though an informal settlement is done in the presence of the parties, and with their approval, often 1 party would apply to the court for a suitable legal settlement. 

However, such settlements include time constraints during which neither party can contest the settlement in the court of law. Therefore, it's ideal to use other forms of settlement options to decide on land matters during or after the divorce.

Divorce property settlement orders

Since the majority of the divorce cases aren't amicable, this is the most frequently desired method of the divorce property settlement. These orders could be made as an out of court settlement. 

In cases where both parties agree to sit together and have discussions directly, in the presence of lawyers and mediators, property settlements could be reached amicably. The orders are drafted by the attorneys and then made by the family court or a state magistrate. 

Since the orders are made with the approval of all those parties, they are often also called consent orders.