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Different Types Of Dance From India

Dance is an art that has been used throughout the ages to express love and joy, humor, sorrow, rage, and many other emotions. we talk about a few different types of dance from India.

There are many different types of dance in India, and each one has its unique style and purpose. We will discuss the various dance forms of India and their origins

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Dance in India has a long history dating back to the ancient Vedic era. The Vedic people were the first people to codify laws and customs in writing. 

One of these customs was the ritualistic performance of hymns and dances. These hymns and dances were meant to promote peace, harmony, and prosperity.

Over time, the dance evolved into a form of entertainment that was enjoyed by all social classes. Today, there are several different types of Indian dance that are practiced throughout the country.

Some of these include classical Indian dance, folk dances, bhangra music, Kathakali theater, and sarangi music. 

Types of Indian dance

Indian dance is a type of dance originating from the Indian subcontinent. There are many different types of Indian dance, and each one has its unique features.

Here are different types of Indian dance:

1. Bhangra

2. Bollywood Dance

3. Carnatic Dance

4. Garba

5. Kathakali

6. Mohiniyattam

7. Odissi Dance

8. Rajasthani Folk Dance

9. Salsa