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Different Kinds of Specialty Papers

Outside of regular drawing paper and watercolor paper, there exists specialty paper that is used for special occasions. Familiarize yourself with the right type of paper to get the right job done. You can also get more info about various papers through the internet.

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Printer paper is very variable in that it is available in different sizes, quality, and content. There are handmade, mould-made, or machine made variations. Due to its soft surface, they are not as durable, even though some are used for drawing and painting.

Visualizing paper includes rag and non-rag tracing and graphic variations. Non-rag tracing paper is also known as sulfite. Sulfite is a term for pulp made from wood. Based on how it is processed, the pH level can be either acidic or neutral. The expensive type of sulfite is known as vellum and is used by engineers and drafters in their final drawings and blueprints. The inexpensive variety is known as "sketch" and used in preliminary drawings. As for rag, rag tracing paper is transparent because of its oil and resin properties and components.

Interleaving or separation sheets have a neutral pH and are non abrasive. They are primarily used in artwork isolation and protection.

Calligraphy paper must be scratch and resistance free as they are used primarily for pen and ink only.

Coated paper is utilized for book bindings and presentations.

Magazines generally use cover paper for their magazine and catalogue covers as it is medium weight and perfect strength and durability for the cost.