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Detailing A Boat: Marine Cleaning And Polishing Services

Constant maintenance and precise detailing are essential steps in keeping a ready-to-use bass boat, sailing or motor yacht, or high-performance PWC at a high level. Regular boat detailing is the boat's smart control, helping to keep the boat in good condition and guaranteeing a much better resale value in the future.

Salt spray, rain, sunlight, and extreme temperatures can have an immediate impact on a boat at anchor – both on the water and laid up. The aging of paints, metals, gel polish, rubber, vinyl, upholstery, and leather affects not only the appearance of the boat but also its value, so proper care makes financial sense.

Boat detailing is not the same as that of a typical road vehicle – the use of highly skilled professionals is much more desirable in terms of high-quality detailing of the boat's interior and exterior. If you are looking for an expert boat detailing service visit

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Avoid connecting the boat to the nearest car wash – a regular car pressure hose is set at 600 to 900 PSI, with a low-temperature rating to prevent paint damage – this is not enough to remove the thin, dirty dirt that often builds up below the water's surface after some time in the water. 

A dedicated marine washer often operates closer to 3000 PSI to offer a much higher pressure rating and the ability to heat water on demand.

Whether at the marina, on a boat, on a swing, or even in the backyard, a reputable detailing service offers a wide range of cleaning options, inside and out. Those options include exterior buffing and polishing to remove all signs of dirt, grime, and grime that has built upon the case. 

Particular attention is often paid to light-colored work (polished wood windows), if necessary, as well as cleaning of wood panels, trunk mounts, drop guards, etc.