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Dental Crown – From Examining To Tooth Preparation To Tooth Placement

You will often need to make two appointments with your dental specialist when preparing a tooth for a dental crown. The analysis and tooth preparation process will be done in the first step, and the permanent crown placement will be done in the second appointment.

Initial Consultation: Examination and Tooth Preparation

The dental professional may take a few X-Rays at the initial appointment to place the dental crown to examine the tooth's foundation and the bone surrounding that area. You can also look for the best dental crowns in Orange Park via

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A root canal is the first procedure that will be carried out when the tooth has had severe decay or if there is a risk of infection or damage to the pulp. This will necessitate a few further trips to the dentist.

The dental professional will anesthetize or numb the tooth and the gum tissue surrounding it before starting to place your crown. The professional will next produce an impression of the tooth with the crown being lowered along the biting surface and sides to create room for the crown.

Various Dental Crown Types Available

  1. Metal and porcelain crowns that look like natural teeth but experience wear and tear over time.

  2. Gold crowns: They provide increased toughness but little in the way of fashionable and natural appeal.

  3. Zirconium crowns: When you can afford them, zirconium crowns are the greatest option for front teeth.